How It Works

Litigation Lending Australia (LLA) is the trading name of Debt Smart Pty Ltd, a privately owned company. The owner, Kerry Splatt, is an accredited specialist in Personal Injury Law with the Queensland Law Society. Over the last 20 years, Kerry has successfully offered his clients access to an in-house litigation outlays facility. LLA was established in 2016 to provide a litigation outlays facility to other law firms for their Personal Injuries and TPD claims.

Signing Up With LLA

Easy! Send us an email enquiry or call us on (07) 3230 1130.
We will meet with you to discuss the limits you require and fully explain how the facility works.
If your facility is approved, a Loan Agreement will be prepared and signed.

Start Outlay Payment Requests

Once you are signed up as a client of LLA, your staff can start requesting payment of outlays.
You advise us which staff you need to have access to the LLA system and their level of authorisation.
Your staff log into our secure client portal via
Enter the payments required.
Payments processed daily.*
Once payments have been processed they will show as COMPLETED in the LLA system.

[*Payments processed Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays]

What Outlays Will We Pay?

Any outlay that can be paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer).
Doctors, accountants, engineers and more – if the payment has been approved by you, we are happy to process it!
We do not impose restrictions regarding which doctors or professionals you use.
No minimum amount requirement.
If you have outlays that can’t be made by EFT, simply request (through our portal) a deposit of funds into your Trust Account to cover these outlays.

Keeping Track Of Payments

The LLA system is fully automated and user friendly.
Your staff can easily and quickly view the outlays that have been paid for your clients.
Download a Transaction Report if you require a PDF version of payments made.
At any time you can view a Payout Statement that details total outlays paid and interest accrued to date.

Why Use Litigation Lending Australia